Kansas City Church Lighting

Posted on January 12, 2016 by John Bruce

Church Lighting in Kansas CityOne of out recent outdoor lighting projects consists of completion of phase one of a multi-phased upgrade, design and installation at The Evangelistic Center International Ministries of Kansas City.

This project in whole, is to consist of 3-5 phases. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City installed bollard lighting along the walkways and paths within the church grounds to complete phase one. This phase was a crucial element in making the grounds safer and more easy to navigate for visitors and members. Path lighting also enhances the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape. This church is over 120 years old and the completed design will honor the history and architecture of this historic Kansas City church.

Enhancing our local churches through outdoor lighting sends a strong message of presence to the community. When our places of worship reflect outwardly the warmth that is felt within their doors, they become a natural draw to existing church members and visitors alike. By focusing on the beauty of the building’s structure and accompanying landscape, and making navigation on the grounds safer, we become architects in an overarching sense of harmony and place.

Kansas City Church Lighting

Closeup look at the newly installed bollard path lighting.

Creating a welcoming entrance is paramount in outdoor church lighting. Many times, it is the first thing that visitors will see in the evening, makes a lasting first impression at a glance. A darkened church entrance is very intimidating. Conversely, an entrance that is too bright is also intimidating, for one should not have to squint to open the doors and come in. With a well thought out design, key features, like impressive arches, steeples and masonry details, are illuminated to enhance the majesty of the building itself. Above all, you want your entrance easily accessible and radiating a sense of warmth, welcome and hospitality.

Kansas City Church LightingFrom a practical standpoint, church signage should be a critical element within your outdoor lighting considerations too. Church members, visitors and the community at large need to be able to easily read your name, service times, and, if applicable, other pertinent information. Many churches have multiple, directional or instructional signs throughout the property. These are best brought to light with feature (focal point) up lighting. If your signage is under two feet in height, path or garden lighting can be used to softly guide guests down the right path.

Proper church lighting in Kansas City and within Johnson County, KS, will ensure that the entire structure is surrounded in light. Through the use periphery lighting, path lighting and architectural lighting, church members can come and go at through multiple entrances, with no hassle or confusion. By illuminating all sides of the building, it is easier for visitors to find your location, which adds to your facilities overall sense of welcome.

John-Bruce-OwnerIf you would like to learn more about improving an existing outdoor lighting system at your church or place of worship, or need a professional church outdoor lighting design, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City to learn more today! You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or via email at kansascity.outdoorlights.com.

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