A Kansas City Night to Remember

Posted on June 7, 2012 by John Bruce

We’ve talked about how temporary event lighting can enhance your evening with majestic illumination. How our beautiful copper and brass battery-powered lights, string lights or even our

Temporary Lighting can add ambiance to your event spaces and be taken down after the evening

lighted spheres can be strategically placed to highlight areas decorated for evening.

Just this past week we had a chance to light up the night for a lucky bride and groom’s outdoor wedding reception. It started when friends of the bride’s parents offered their meadow to the couple for the wedding reception. The plush grassy area had plenty of space for dinner under a white arched tent and ample space to show off some dance moves.

The family knew we could add focal lighting to the trees surrounding the tent area to define and highlight the edges of the meadow for ambiance. The challenge came in getting the guests from the house, down the natural stone stairway and across the creek to the meadow after the sun went down.

The temporary path lighting led the guests safely to the reception area but also impressed the guests with its beauty


We had the perfect solution to their outdoor lighting needs. Using our temporary copper and brass, battery operated path lights, our outdoor lighting design placed fixtures along the sides of the staircase and on the bridge across the creek. The lighting cast a warm glow on the walkways and also added an element of safety to the area. Think high heels, on natural stone, in the dark … not a good mix! Our outdoor lighting not only helped guide all the guests safely to the reception area but it also received many compliments along the way.


The evening was a success by all measures and the bride and groom were given a perfectly lit night they will never forget. If you are looking to enhance your outdoor areas for a special event, we can help design an outdoor lighting plan for you.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City