Awww…or Awe – which Emotion Does Your House Elicit at Night?

Posted on September 22, 2016 by John Bruce

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Kansas City Enhance Curb AppealLooking to spruce up your home’s exterior but don’t know where to start? If HGTV has you in the mood for adding a little curb appeal, listen up. It doesn’t have to take months installing a new facade to bring a change, all you need is a little help from the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City.

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

You’ve got a fabulous front door, a beautiful front yard with a Japanese Maple and flower beds that are bursting with blooms and neatly mulched. It looks great during the day, but at night it’s kind of nondescript, almost boring even though you leave the porch light on. Maybe, you think, I should think about adding some landscape lighting to really add some punch.

If you’d like to show off your green thumb, landscape lighting is the perfect way to display your stunning garden. Professional grounds and botanical gardenslike those at Buckingham Palace rely on lighting to awe guests after dusk. While your area might not be royal, why not create the same effect? Imagine turning the plants and shrubs around your home into a magically lit fairyland!

Now you’re on the right track, because no matter how pretty your front yard looks during the day, it’s missing the boat at night if you don’t know how to enhance curb appeal the right way. Hire an outdoor lighting professional who’ll know precisely how to beautifully enhance not just your front yard, but your whole landscape, including areas like the patio or deck, where you spend time with family and friends for barbecues, parties, and casual get-togethers. Pathway lighting is another way to ensure your guests can find their way around your home. The glowing paths and sidewalks add an aura of warmth that will make your parties inviting and your guests feel comfortable.

Do-it-yourself outdoor lighting, unfortunately, usually looks like you did it yourself! How many times have you driven by a home after dark whose driveway or front walk is literally teeming with solar stake lights? It looks like an airport runway! Or a patio clumsily strung with what look like Christmas lights? They may have had good intentions, but it just doesn’t work.

Exterior & Outdoor Lighting

Did you know our professionals can dramatically enhance the look of your home with strategic lighting? (Think of it like face contouring for your house.) We can show off certain architectural structures on your home, creating focal points to emphasize its best features.

A professional will know how to best enhance your home’s architecture light a path or stairs for safety and beauty show off your beautiful flower beds or an exquisite tree light your deck, or patio for improved functionality and atmosphere.

Professional Vs. DIY – No Comparison

Two houses down the street, your neighbor has done it the right way. Their home is lit with subtle, well-placed lighting that makes their home and yard look stunning, highlighting a graceful ornamental tree here, or an architectural feature there. The difference between a professionally lit landscape and a DIY job is like the difference between instant pudding and gourmet chocolate mousse. There’s just no comparison! Don’t make your home stick out due to a bad lighting job.

Professional results require an investment, it’s true, but the results will not only make your home beautiful and safe, they’ll actually enhance its resale value. A lack of curb appeal turns off a prospective buyer, but fabulous curb appeal invites them in to see more!

Outdoor Lighting Adds Value to Your Home

Last but not least, adding professional lighting can dramatically increase the resale value of your home. Having the finishing touch of professionally installed lighting is a great investment that adds an extra aesthetic to ensure you get the best price when it comes time to sell. In the meantime, you can enjoy living in the soft glow of the best house on the block.
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