Partner With a Pro to Improve Your Grip on Golf Course Lighting

Posted on January 4, 2017 by John Bruce

golf course lighting kansas city overland park kansas outdoor lighting perspectivesIs sub-par illumination keeping your members off the green? Accommodating those golfers whose playing time is pushed into late afternoon and evening hours requires thoughtfully planned golf course lighting. Recruit the expertise of your own pro, an experienced lighting professional, to ensure the most effective and efficient implementation strategy for your driving range or course illumination.

How to Know You’ve Found a Pro

An illumination specialist doesn’t leave you stranded in the sand. They always look at your project with a flexible attitude and listen to your suggestions. By applying their years of experience, they will determine the feasibility of your ideas and how to best represent them within the golf course illumination scheme. A lighting professional provides you the room to explore options without the pressure to settle for a predetermined approach.

You’ll know you’re working with a professional lighting designer when they demonstrate a thorough understanding of your golf course requirements and preferences. They’ll take the time to familiarize themselves with the unique character of your facility. They’ll record and confirm your specific requests, and their attentiveness guarantees an exceptional design plan tailored to your needs.

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3 Factors to Consider When Lighting Your Golf CoursePartner With a Pro to Improve Your Grip on Golf Course Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Logistics, cost, and design are principal factors to consider when installing or retrofitting illumination throughout your golf course. Your lighting professional’s priorities should be in alignment with your own during the design stage. The specialist you enlist will guide you toward achieving the light levels you require, the best layout to maximize zone coverage, and the most cost-effective technology to accomplish these goals.

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As the sun goes down, keep your club members’ options open. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today and learn how we can assist you with the design and installation of superior golf course illumination.