Is Hospitality Lighting the Missing Ingredient to Your Venue’s Success?

Posted on June 17, 2016 by John Bruce

Inn_lightingIf you are an owner or general manager within the hospitality and are looking for the missing ingredient to your venue’s success, the light of opportunity may be just need to be turned on — literally.

The right lighting can make things grow, whether you’re running a hotel or a greenhouse. In this age of LED innovations, lighting systems can enhance hospitality-industry properties and help grow business more effectively and energy-efficiently, ultimately helping to grow their bottom line! According to an article from Hotel Management Magazine;

The exterior of a hotel is equally important as the interior; what guests observe as they drive up or prospective guests see as they drive by is a direct reflection of what they can expect of their stay. As we have all come to know, first impressions are extremely important. And that is where exterior lighting comes in.”

“Wow your guests through the use of lighting by creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere they’ll be sure to notice. Position your lighting to accent your hotel’s best features and to provide a safe and secure environment for your guests. Lighting can also help reduce energy costs. With new LED technology, now may be the perfect time to invest in improved lighting that provides lower utility costs and, in many areas, utility rebates in addition to labor cost savings.”

Take a look at a recent hospitality lighting “case-study” conducted at Lone Star Court Hotel in Austin, TX:

Case study on hospitalty lighting in Austin TX

*The hotel was built and is owned by the Valencia Group, a Houston-based company known for its luxury independent hotels, including the Hotel Valencias in San Antonio and San Jose, the Hotel Sorella in Houston, and Hotel Sorella Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

  • Project Goal:
To illuminate a retro, 21st century motor court with an authentically Austin and Texas Hill Country feel. Features include a bar with roll up garage doors opening to the courtyard, many seating areas, several fire pits for gathering, and space for nightly live music.
  • The Challenge:
With multiple nearby hotels slated to open in 2015, Lone Star Court Hotel faced a competitive space in the high-end “Domain” shopping area in northwest Austin. Design, amenities and vibe would be key in creating a unique lodging experience at the appropriate price point.
  • The Results: 
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…
Results of Hospitality lighting additions in case study
  •  We can do the same for you, right here at your Kansas City venue!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City’s hospitality lighting caters to enhancing the experience for your patrons and helps grow your bottom line. We design, install and maintain outdoor illumination for your property. This includes exterior facades, entrances, common areas and special attraction outdoor spaces for your hotel, bed and breakfast or resort with stunning displays of highly efficient LED lighting effects, and reduce energy bills by up to 60% in the process.

John-Bruce-OwnerWhether it be a retro-fit of an outdated system or a new-build plan, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Hospitality serves Hospitality Engineers with expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures. For a complimentary design consultation or answers to questions, please contact us by filling out this form or calling (913) 859-9150.