How Smart Are Your Outdoor Lighting Controls, Kansas City?

Posted on October 31, 2013 by John Bruce

Let’s be honest. No one really likes all the springing forward and falling back that goes with Daylight Savings Time and the schedule changes it causes. The effects are rather nice in the summer as they leave plenty of daylight hours to enjoy when we arrive home from work, but it does jostle our routines quite a bit. Of course, I suppose if anyone is going to prefer a time change, it is probably the one coming this Sunday because of the extra sleep it allows. Not only do DST changes mess with our circadian rhythms, they also throw off the timing of our outdoor lighting systems, and if we aren’t on top of it, we’ll come home next Monday to a very dark house. Wouldn’t it be nice if your outdoor lighting system were smart? If, like the clock in your smart phone, it would just reset itself? Well good news. Though Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City hasn’t actually created an outdoor lighting system that senses your wishes and executes them, we do have some amazing technology that will adjust your system automatically to account for DST changes. And that’s just one of the things it does.

Come home to a beautifully lit property despite the day light savings time change.

Come home to a beautifully lit property despite the day light savings time change.

Lighting Control Automation, or LCA, is a transmitter that controls all of your electrical devices, whether line voltage or low voltage, and it is very smart. Not only will LCA adjust your outdoor lights automatically to account for DST, it will adjust for your specific, geographic location. Even though we are all in the central time zone, the sun will set a few minutes earlier for someone living in Nashville than it does for us here in Kansas City. LCA accounts for that. This transmitter also has more control over your outdoor lights than a regular timer does. By setting it up to accommodate different zones, your porch lights can be dimmed so your architectural lighting is more noticeable at the front of your house while your back deck lighting remains bright so the kids can clearly see the steps. Of course, you can always override settings if you have guests coming over and need your porch lights to be brighter. While this is all pretty smart, it gets better.


With LCA, you can control your outdoor and indoor lighting through the web.

With LCA, you can control your outdoor and indoor lighting through the web.

LCA can be controlled remotely through the internet. It is accessible from any computer or your smart phone, so you really do have complete control of your outdoor lights at all times. And because it controls your electrical outlets, its effects are not limited to your outdoor lighting. LCA can turn interior lights and your gas fireplace as you sit on the couch.  You can actually control any device connected to your electrical system, though we don’t suggest using it to turn on the curling iron or electric shaver. One of our clients had some beautiful artwork hanging in a room that faced the front of the house and wished to highlight it. With just a little programming, we were able to utilize the interior light hanging above the piece to make it visible from outside the house and incorporate it into the client’s outdoor lighting scheme.


If you don’t have LCA, now is a great time to consider adding it. With automatic adjustments and your ability to override at any time, it takes one worry out of your busy schedule. It even makes maintenance easier on our end since we can make adjustments to your system remotely, without needing access to your home, and no additional wiring is needed to install it. If it sounds like LCA will make your life easier, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today. We will be happy to answer any questions and review LCA features with you in greater depth. Also, remember that if you still use an old timer and it is not a good time to upgrade to LCA, we are glad to make Daylight Savings Time adjustments for you. We can even perform some routine maintenance on your system during the visit. While this option may not be automatic, we are always here to help make life with your outdoor lighting system easy.





John Bruce, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City