How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting Installer for Your Home Project

Posted on April 1, 2017 by John Bruce

Outdoor Lighting InstallerHere in Kansas City, we are blessed with long summer nights. Later in the year, as winter creeps up on us, we start leaving home in the dark and arriving back in the dark. If you’ve noticed how dark your home looked from the street last winter, now is the perfect time to investigate architectural and landscape lighting. But where do you start?

The Outdoor Lighting Process

Step One: Our resources are available to help you decide what system is right for your home lighting needs. Curious about lighting kits from big box stores? Here are the reasons homeowners discover that lighting kits don’t work.

Step Two: If you’re comparing prices and reviews for local installers, here is our checklist for choosing the best outdoor lighting designer for your project. Remember to ask if the designer installs the system themselves or do they use a subcontractor?

Step Three: Select an installer for your outdoor lighting system. How do you know when you’re dealing with a professional? What questions should you ask? What should you expect?

Hiring the Right Outdoor Lighting Professional

Now that you’ve decided your home deserves a professionally installed system, your next task is selecting who will design and install your outdoor lighting system. A knowledgeable and professional installer is just as important to your outdoor lighting project as selecting the right fixtures and the right designer. Be sure to consider experience, specialization, reputation, and make sure they are insured.

Find a professional who can show you other work they have done in Kansas City. Outdoor lighting should be their specialty. Be sure to ask what kinds of warranty the products and the installation each have. The elements of a system must be able to withstand the dramatic temperature changes here in Kansas City, be able to control voltage, and be installed safely.

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