How to Determine If You Have a Professional Outdoor Lighting Designer

Posted on May 3, 2014 by John Bruce

So you’re getting ready to install an outdoor lighting system on your Kansas City property. You’ve talked to friends and neighbors and researched providers in the area. You’re comparing prices and packages. At times, it seems a bit overwhelming, but you really want a good designer. So you keep researching and reading reviews. Then you narrow it down to a couple outdoor lighting providers and pause. How do you know? How do you know that the one you select is the best? Well, get out some paper and get ready to make notes. With the following criteria, you can compare outdoor lighting designers to be sure you choose the right one for the job.

A professional's work is apparent in the details.

A professional’s work is apparent in the details.

  1. Experience – Find out how long each designer has been in business. Is the company just starting out, or do they have an established portfolio of work? Do they have a good reputation in your area?
  2. Social Media Representation – Can you find each designer online? While information on the web can certainly be faked, established designers tend to have an online presence. They have been around for a while and often have others looking after the marketing aspects of their company. That way, they can focus on lighting.
  3. Insurance – Is the designer insured? Not being insured is an indication that the designer may only be dabbling in outdoor lighting on the side. Designers who are insured are probably working on a lot of projects. However, if a designer’s primary source of income isn’t outdoor lighting, they probably won’t invest in it.
  4. Presence – A professional outdoor lighting designer takes his/her work seriously. This designer will be very present, proactive, and asking probing questions during your meetings or conversations. Professionals do this because they want their clients to be happy with their work. If a designer seems to only be selling you something, that’s probably the case.
  5. Specialization – Do the providers specialize in outdoor lighting? Or are they also landscapers, pool designers, or electricians? A professional outdoor lighting specialist only does outdoor lighting. He/she will have greater expertise than someone who is dabbling because outdoor lighting is the focus of the business.
Be sure your outdoor lights are in professional hands.

Be sure your outdoor lights are in professional hands.

Making a table and filling in the blanks for each designer will tell you a lot. It helps you to see how designers measure up on each of these criteria. Once they’re side by side, the right decision will be fairly obvious.

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John Bruce, Owner

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