How to Easily Make Your Hotel More Inviting with Outdoor Lighting

Posted on January 11, 2017 by John Bruce

Hotel Management even listed exterior lighting as the #1 way to boost hotel curb appeal kansas cityThe right outdoor lighting can instantly make any home or business more welcoming and visually appealing. However, learning how to easily make your hotel more inviting by adding the warmth of outdoor lights is especially important within the hospitality industry. Adding the right lighting to the exterior of a hotel makes guests feel more comfortable and at home, and isn’t that the goal?

Hotel Management even listed exterior lighting as the #1 way to boost hotel curb appeal in this article!

Wow your guests through the use of lighting by creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere they’ll be sure to notice. Position your lighting to accent your hotel’s best features and to provide a safe and secure environment for your guests. Lighting can also help reduce energy costs. With new LED technology, now may be the perfect time to invest in improved lighting that provides lower utility costs and, in many areas, utility rebates in addition to labor cost savings.”

Form Follows Function

Exterior lighting serves functional purpose. The strategic placement of lighting around areas such as walkways, stairs and entryways provides an added measure of safety. Good lighting simply makes people feel more at ease when they are walking outdoors in the evening.

However, there is much more than just functionality to consider when choosing outdoor lighting for a hotel. Using the right lighting in strategic locations really adds a look of beauty to not only the landscape, but also to the architecture of the hotel itself. For example, spotlights call attention to the hotel’s unique architectural features. This type of lighting is quite effective when there is a desire to call attention to exterior statues, art pieces, or pools.

Check out this case study for a better look of what outdoor lighting can do for your hotel.

Unique Lighting for Your Unique Hotel

Exterior cove lighting accentuates the architectural features of a hotel, while also improving the visibility and safety of outdoor areas. While white lights are extremely popular and provide the best illumination, the strategic use of colored lighting also adds an interesting look. For example, adding a splash of color across an otherwise visually uninteresting expanse of exterior wall can transform a boring area into a visual delight.

Does your hotel have a unique feature? Highlight your pool, custom landscaping, or fountain with lighting specifically designed to accentuate its beauty. It’s best to keep the focus on accentuating the architecture and landscape without overwhelming the area with the glare of overly bright lights. For example, instead of flooding your outdoor dining area with spotlights, consider the use of cafe lighting. The strategic use of outdoor lighting will provide functionality, while also adding aesthetic beauty.

If your hotel already has a system, but it’s outdated or your hotel has undergone a renovation since the installation, then consider a retrofit! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City is happy to provide an expert consultation to educate you about the latest energy-saving technologies and other advancements.
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