In part two of our “most asked lighting questions” series, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City discusses maintenance.

Posted on February 23, 2015 by John Bruce
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    Our annual maintenance plan will ensure your system will continue to be just as mesmerizing as it was the first season.

    In part two of our series on the top ten (10) most asked questions about outdoor lighting, we explore and discuss maintenance of your outdoor lighting system:

As noted in our previous installment of our most frequently asked questions, maintenance is among the most inquired about topic. Naturally, once you take the leap into outdoor lighting you want to make sure someone is going to be there to take care of it and it keep it functioning at optimal performance.

#6) Will you take care of my lights once they are installed? Yes. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City offers annual, bi-annual, and quarterly reviews as part of our care and maintenance plans that will keep your system running at optimal performance year-round. No other outdoor lighting company has more experience than we do So when we design, install and maintain your system, you can be confident you’ll love the result for years to come!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City keeps your outdoor lighting system looking beautifullyAlmost every week we receive calls from homeowners whom had their landscaper, electrician or irrigation guy install their outdoor lighting system, only to find out that they do not service it. Since outdoor lighting is our one and only business, not a side line, we always provide service after the sale. From a simple bulb replacement, a question or concern, or even an annual maintenance check-up, we promise to be there for you and never leave you in the dark!


We inspect your transformer annually as part of our annual maintenance program.

#7) What is included in an annual maintenance plan? Our annual maintenance plan ensures you will never have to change a bulb or lift a finger to adjust a fixture! Our annual maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Replacement of all halogen bulbs (LEDs last much longer)
  • Repair any damaged wire
  • Rebury any wiring that has surfaced
  • Straighten fixtures that may have been bumped from weather or animals
  • Inspect your transformer
  • Reset / check your timer
  • Trim for plant overgrowth that may be obstructing the light beam
  • Perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting
  • Plus, throughout the year, you receive priority response and service call repairs at no charge.

#8) Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City Services all outdoor lighting systemWhat is included in a bi-annual review? Our bi-annual review addresses the key elements of our annual maintenance plan such as bulb replacement and straightening fixtures.We come to your home in spring and fall to inspect your system. Much like a 6 month “dental checkup” is a follow-up to your yearly exam, we make sure everything is functioning in tip-top shape.

#9)Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City Maintenance What is included in a quarterly review? As noted in our annual and bi-annual procedure outline, our quarterly review involves a more frequent check-up of your system. As part of this plan, we come out during pre-scheduled quarters (typically March, June, September and December). We contact our customers via email to notify them of the specific schedule period to look for us to arrive.

#10) Are there any maintenance perks for new system installation? Yes. You will  enjoy a complimentary  first year of annual maintenance free with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation. After the initial year, you may sign up for our continued Annual Maintenance Plan if you desire.

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