It’s Worth the Time to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Lighting

Posted on November 29, 2012 by John Bruce

Last week we talked about sprucing up the house for the upcoming holidays and adding outdoor lighting with our incredible package deals.  If you already have our outdoor lighting installed, remember to take a look at your fixtures to make sure they are working properly and not being blocked by any shrubbery.

well lights with covers to protect outdoor lighting - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

It’s a good time of year to get out there and spruce up your lighting.  Well lights, that highlight your homes best features, can collect debris throughout the year if you don’t have our lens covers installed.  That not only affects the beam of light, it can also trap the bulbs heat from escaping.  Our tempered glass lens covers are easy to install and keep all the debris off of the bulb without affecting the light beam.

Make sure your bulbs are all working correctly.  If it has been a while since you had your outdoor lighting installed, there may be some bulbs that have burnt out.  Replacing those bulbs will improve the look of your lighting whether it is on your home or landscaping or even highlighting your holiday decorations.

Outdoor lighting for large homes by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

Lastly, make sure your dog, children or toys have not bumped your lighting fixtures, or they are not being blocked by overgrown shrubbery.  When we installed your lighting, we placed the fixtures around your outdoor areas where they were most beneficial.  If these fixtures have been bumped, or your bushes and trees have grown, they are probably not making your home look as good as it can.

These are all easy fixes that will get your outdoor lighting looking great for the holidays.  If you’d like us to come out and spruce up your lighting, give us a call.  We’ll get it looking its best again before the carolers come-a-calling.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

John Bruce,
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City