Kansas City Café-Inspired Outdoor Lighting Done the Right Way!

Posted on October 2, 2015 by John Bruce

Kansas City cafe lightingDreamy and romantic outdoor café lighting (also known as festival or fiesta lighting) lends a feeling of instant sophistication over a space because it is reminiscent of al fresco dining in a fabulous French restaurant in a European village. There’s an elegant appeal that makes you want to sit outdoors and linger with family and friends over great conversation and good times.. You can peruse any home and garden magazine and see how popular outdoor café lighting is right now and the elegant effect it delivers over larger areas that are a challenge to light and would benefit from overhead visibility such as a patio, deck or a dining area.

Kansas City Cafe Lighting (1)

We recently assisted a local customer who had a sad problem with his existing café lights that hung over a fireplace. The homeowner did not originally call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City to install his fiesta lights and unfortunately the ones that were used were low grade and not of a commercial quality. He paid good money for string fixtures that deteriorated after just one season, and because they were also improperly installed a variety of annoying issues caused problems and degraded them even further and they had to be thrown out. The homeowner thought he was getting a good deal tht turned into a dangerous, non-functional scenario. Thankfully that’s when he called us to help resolve the problem.

Festival lightingFirst of all, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City uses ONLY commercial grade fixtures that are designed specifically for us of top quality materials that are made in the USA. They are made to withstand fluctuations in temperatures, various weather conditions and still look fabulous for many seasons of use. By using commercial grade lighting products and using a special cable to support the weight of the wiring components of cafe lighting, we can ensure the safety and the integrity of the system over long spans. We mount our café lights in a safe way so that they will not sag or fall on anyone.

Festival lightingCheap fixtures are never easy on the wallet because they will have to be replaced after a short time. Weather can alter the effectiveness of sub-standard lights over time which causes corrosion and the risk of electrical shock.  It may seem like you can buy off-the-shelf fiesta lights and string them up yourself like Christmas lights, but this can’t be further from reality. Cheap fixtures that are improperly hung in wet weather conditions are simply a hazard waiting to happen. Do it right the first time with a professional lighting company and quality lights that will last for years to come through every season—hot or cold.

Don’t waste time, money and aggravation with mediocre fixtures made with inferior plastic parts only to have to replace them again. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City stands by its products and we only install high grade café lighting that are installed by trained technicians to ensure years of use and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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