Does Your Backyard Have the One Feature Most Are Missing?

Posted on April 21, 2017 by John Bruce

outdoor firepits lightingDon’t you love sitting by a fire, watching its flames dance and flicker? And what is more calming than the sound of water trickling through a creek or stream? Because of fire and water’s ability to bring natural relaxation, many homeowners use fire pits and water features as gathering places in the backyard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with friends around a crackling fire, roasting marshmallows and sipping your favorite drink under the stars? Or perhaps your family gathers on a patio as a gurgling stream flows behind it and underscores the conversation.

Sounds delightful. Now, imagine being able to see each other clearly and walk around without squashing the marshmallow bag or knocking over a drink. Both of these appealing scenarios are made even better with professionally designed outdoor lighting.

Why Should I Light the Area around My Firepit?

If you have a fire pit, or are installing one, your first reaction may be, “why can’t we just use the firelight to see?” Well, you can, but remember that the fire is a single light source that changes in intensity as it burns. Rarely can a large area be safely lit using only one source. As the night goes on, once the fire begins to die down, that light will diminish.

Outdoor lighting can also enhance the beauty of the fire pit by highlighting its masonry, or metalwork, and setting the sitting area apart from the rest of the yard. Patio lights can be used for illumination, or consider hanging string lighting around your sitting area. Cafe lighting, or string lighting, is an excellent option for overhead lighting when you don’t have an overhang, such as around a fire pit.

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Illuminating a Water Feature Is Critical

Another popular landscape element is a fountain, or other water feature. Such water features are always the most beautiful when spotlighted or highlighted with an outdoor lighting system.

Unlike a fire pit, you will completely lose sight of a water feature at night if it isn’t properly lit. But with our underwater lights, light rays reflect in moving water and are thrown in all directions by its motion. Spotlights and well lights shine on the feature from many different angles and will also draw attention to the foliage, trees, and flowers you have growing near by.

The principles of lighting around a fire pit also apply to a sitting area near a water feature, giving you and your guests ample light to move about safely. Whether your element of choice is fire or water, outdoor lighting can accentuate its position in your backyard.

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Be confident that you will get the most out of your outdoor areas by letting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City design and install your outdoor lighting. We will help you create a calming atmosphere sure to delight your guests. Call today at (913) 859-9150 or schedule a consultation online.

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