Kansas City Commercial Holiday Outdoor Lighting Follows the Rules for Good Business

Posted on September 18, 2014 by John Bruce

I once read an article in Entrepreneur magazine featuring Richard Branson that has stuck with me through the years as a business owner. The article was about a radio interview Richard had done where he outlined his 5 rules for good business. I not only took those rules to heart, I use them on a daily basis and they guide the type of work I routinely do in the outdoor lighting business.

I could go through each of these rules and tell you how they apply to my daily business but I think as any business owner could tell you, the rules hold true in everyday life as well. I recently thought about these rules in an employee meeting when we were talking about commercial holiday outdoor lighting. We were reviewing the past several years’ worth of commercial holiday outdoor lighting jobs we had done, and particularly with subdivision entrances like Falcon Ridge, Cedar Creek, Waterford and Parkway 133.

Holiday subdivision entrance lighting in Kansas CityTalking about decorating these community entrances with holiday outdoor lighting brought “to light” how the rules apply:

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. You must love what you do. We truly do enjoy decorating the entrances with holiday lighting that gives a festive feeling to all neighbors and guests as they enter the subdivisions.

Kansas City Holiday outdoor lighting

Be innovative: Create something different that will stand out. As with every commercial holiday outdoor lighting job we do, we create custom, innovative designs that include string lighting, large ornaments in the pine trees, pre-lit wreaths and garland and lit snowflake lights.

Your employees are your best asset. Same goes for happy customers. Clients who know our work and are happy with our work create more customers. A large part of our business comes from customer referrals. If you’d like to read what some of them say, you can read our Kansas City outdoor lighting customer reviews on our website.
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Lead by listening. With every client interaction, we first listen to what our customer desire in a commercial holiday outdoor lighting plan. Each client deserves to get what they want, we simply design our plans to go above and beyond what they are envisioning.

Be visible. Of course this is the easiest rule because it is a product of our business. Our holiday outdoor lighting designs are meant to be visible. They enhance these subdivisions and businesses and attract visitors to the splendor.

The rules do apply to every holiday outdoor lighting design we create and install. If your community could be enhanced with outdoor lighting this holiday season, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City a call. We’ll custom design a holiday lighting plan that will sure to welcome neighbors and guest home for the season.



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