Kansas City Decorative Outdoor Lighting Promotes Versatility

Posted on March 14, 2016 by John Bruce

Kansas City cafe lightingOutdoor Landscape Lighting isn’t just about traditional façade, garden and path lights you see on most homes. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City takes it one step further by offering customers a unique series of decorative lighting options that is a game changer in the landscape industry. Decorative and ornamental lighting adds that special twist that is out of the norm and brings a whole new level of lighting that is not only practical, but also gorgeously awe-inspiring.

You don’t have to settle for what everyone else has so your home just looks like any other on the block in the evening. You can add customized specialty lights and techniques that bring a whole new level of illumination that is unmatched in bringing a distinctive flair to any garden. Check out some of our options:

Cafe lighting: our fiesta style cafe lights give you a permanent way to add the feeling of a vibrant and elegant French restaurant on any night of the week. They offer you the ability to light up large expanses such as a patio or deck thanks to a sturdy cable that suspends neat bulbs overhead.

Kansas City Cafe Lighting (1)

Orb lighting: brings a whole other magical feeling to an evening as large globes can be suspended anywhere—including trees—to add a fairy like glow to any dark corner of your garden. These globes come in 10, 12 or 16 inch sizes, and in hues of white, clear or in an array of colors that bring lots of options. It’s a unique look that often leaves guests marveling at how this nifty lighting technique is done as these orbs appear to be floating in the darkness.

Orb Lighting in trees Kansas City

Attraction Lights: capture light in a sculptural way that looks as awesome in the daytime as it does at night. These high quality metal constructed decorative lights come in an array of shapes and light shoots through cut-outs in the metalwork that casts incredible shadows and designs against a wall, your walkways or most any hardscape. It’s a lighting fixture you don’t want to hide and want everyone to see thanks to its artistic look that feels like a piece of art in the garden. Day or night, Attraction Lights dazzle.

Attraction lights Aspen

Colored filters: Our lighting designers are masters of mood and ambiance. They are able to employ expert techniques that take your ordinary landscape lighting to a whole new level such as with colored filters that fit right over your existing lights. By changing the shade of color, traditional white lights can convey a whole otherworldly feel that can add immense drama to an outdoor space. A blue lens cover added to your pool area can astonish your guests and make your water sparkle in an unusual way that is completely unexpected, for example. Of course these colored filters are also perfect for special occasions such as a party or for the holidays, too.

All our lighting fixtures are of a very high commercial quality and are made in the USA of all metal, non-corrosive parts. They are professionally hung by our lighting installers that have an expertise in how to give an outdoor space a whole other feel that goes beyond the box. Don’t limit yourself to boring lighting options that don’t add dramatic energy and excitement to your home and property. There is no reason to settle on the traditional if what you are looking for is the extraordinary. We can show you how to do it!

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