Kansas City Outdoor Lighting Project that Intertwines Elegance, Safety and Visibility into One Package!

Posted on November 2, 2015 by John Bruce
Kansas City backyard water feature lighting

This tranquil backyard water feature is just one of the elements we illuminated in this Kansas City backyard.

We love it when a client has a big idea in mind and goes all out to turn their backyard into a mega oasis that suits their lifestyle. We had the opportunity to work with a customer who had lighting at the forefront of his mind when he began construction on a huge outdoor living space that includes a deck, two gazebos, a tranquil pond with a waterfall and a maze of paver walkways. Unlike some clients who think of outdoor lighting after the fact, this clever family embedded it into their plans right off the bat which gave us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City much more flexibility to make their splashy dreams come true.

Kansas City water feature lighting

When illumination is taken into consideration early on in the building process, we can work with your landscape architect to position wiring, boxes and fixtures in spots that will work directly in combination with the features you are wanting to highlight—whether it’s lighting for a water feature, hardscape, planting beds, decks, retaining walls, pathways and more. Outdoor lighting ties everything together and is the glimmering jewelry that makes everything sparkle late in the evening. This family wanted to make sure that their outdoor living area was as spectacular at night as it was during the day.

Kansas City water feature lighting

A large pond and waterfall were spectacularly lit up so that it would become a tranquil focal point that could be enjoyed after nightfall. The water shimmers as it rolls down the stonework, and the texture of the materials brings in a good dose of texture thanks to expert lighting. We even spotlighted the top of the water’s surface in the pond to give it ethereal dimension that could be enjoyed well into the evening. The deck became a true extension of the home as if another room, and there is plenty of visibility for dining, hanging out and even grilling.

Lighting served an even greater sense of security and functionality for the owner of this gorgeous backyard as he needs to be able to navigate the space in a wheelchair. So we wanted to make sure that he could securely get around with good visibility, yet make it so it wasn’t obvious and intentional. We struck the balance that he needed which intertwined practicality, safety and beauty. We were happy to go the extra mile and give this homeowner exactly what he needed to truly enjoy his garden.

Kansas City deck lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City divided areas in the yard into four zones that could be controlled independently from inside the home with separate switches for different locations. The owner can control the lighting allowing for plenty of different lightscapes that can be created depending on his mood. He can go all out and light up the entire yard, or just smaller areas for a more alluring appearance. The benefit that came out of this design is that the outdoor living area can be viewed from inside the home and enjoyed all year round even on frosty days. The whole outdoor world glows at night and can be enjoyed through the expansive windows all year round.

The results of having included a lighting designer during the building of this backyard suite enabled us to give the project the evening magic it needed to be enjoyed at any hour of the day or night. Of course, we can come in after the fact as well and spruce up your evening vibe, too.

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