Budgeting for a Landscaping Project

Posted on August 3, 2016 by John Bruce

Landscaping Project BudgetDon’t be in the dark just because you don’t know how to budget for outdoor lighting! Many home improvement projects, and landscaping projects, go over budget because there is little planning involved or because unforeseen conditions create havoc. To help you plan ahead, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has broken down key factors in landscape budgeting for Kansas City homeowners.

Like any home improvement project, you need a plan for your landscaping projects. Consider factors such as time, materials, labor, delivery and other various potential expenses including:

1. Walls

Decorative walls range between $2900-$6000 due to factors such as size and engineering, material, excavation and soil removal, and aesthetic extras. Functional retaining walls require more engineering and may remove more excavation. Materials account for much of the range as well with options including boulder, mod-block, and natural stone to fit your tastes.

Other extras that bring additional aesthetic appeal include caps, ledges, mortar, pillars, seating, steps, water features, and other design elements. Lighting may also be included as part of your wall design. When estimating projects, or getting quotes, be sure to be as specific as possible. If you intend to have seating and lighting, include those additional costs in your budget.

2. Patios

The cost of patio installation varies due to size, but on average a 10×20 foot patio ranges between $1700-9000. Depending on the materials chosen, concrete, stone, or clay/brick, and what kind of conditions already exist (soil conditions, existing patio in need of extraction or repair) you should be able to calculate an educated estimate.

Access to the project is also a factor you should consider when planning to put in a patio. Will there need to be any machinery brought in? Is there any electrical work or plumbing that needs to be done?

The fun part about planning for your patio is considering how big of gatherings you wish to hold in your outdoor living space, what kind of patio furniture, and whether or not to include a fire pit. All of these are factors that should be considered during your budgeting. For example, wood burning fire pits can range between $800-1000 and gas can be $1600 and above. You should also consider how much lighting you will need in the space in order for it to be safe and usable during the evening hours.

3. Plants

Most people think of plants and rocks when they think of landscaping, but these costs should not be underestimated. Excavation, design, soil, planting, mulching ($30 per sq ft), irrigation should all be planned for. Will you need additional grass seed or sod after construction is over? If so, budget accordingly.

4. Water Features

If you’re looking for a relaxing addition to your landscaping project, you have probably tossed around the idea of a water feature. The custom nature of water features, and the spaces they will occupy, make it hard to offer pricing. Will you want lighting on your water feature to enjoy the aesthetics in the evening? Don’t forget this when calculating the cost for your budget.

5. Fencing

Will your home need any additional fencing due to your landscaping project? Be sure to check if you need privacy fencing around your jacuzzi or if you need to fence off that new pool. Fencing varies by material as well, but a good fencing company will be able to come out and give you a reasonable quote. If you are planning to do this yourself, be sure to budget for extra materials in case of error.

6. Outdoor Lighting

After working so hard on your landscaping project, you will want to be able to see and use the space you worked so hard on! Your OLP Lighting Consultant will use the lighting principles of safety, security, usability and aesthetics to create a cohesive design.
If this is all seeming overwhelming, consider breaking your big curb appeal improvement project into multiple phases. This is helpful when budgeting and also can be less stressful for homeowners since the whole yard isn’t torn up at the same time.
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