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Posted on February 22, 2013 by John Bruce

February and March in the Midwest are filled with spring home and garden shows, getting people excited about the warmer weather and potential home improvement projects.  One of the eye catching displays people have been very interested in is our 7-light package deal.  It is a great value that includes 7 halogen or LED up lights or deck lights, a 300-watt transformer, 200 feet of wire, all custom designed and installed for you.

Our package deal is a great start to making your home, landscaping, deck or other spaces look KansasCityLightingPackageamazing.  We’ve had several conversations with people on the best places to install the lighting at their homes.  Some have asked us if they can spread the lights out to cover the front and back of their homes.  While we can do magic with our lighting, it is not a good idea to spread your outdoor lighting too thin.

Our outdoor lighting designs are about the effect, not the fixtures.  We want our lighting to illuminate your most treasured outdoor living spaces and highlight the unique details of your home’s exterior and landscaping.  We want you to have that “wow” feeling every time you look at your home.  To give you that feeling, our lighting professionals will design the most breathtaking plan, not based on a set quantity of lights but based on three facets: width, height and depth of your home. With these three dimensions in mind, our lighting will showcase your home at night just as beautifully as it is seen during the day.


When thinking about the structures width, outdoor lighting should extend from as far left as

possible to the far right side.  This will illuminate then entire facade, corners and dark spots, adding security to your home.  You also want to be sure your lighting covers the bottom to

the top of the structure.  It’s easy to see the front door and first floor but you want to be sure the peaks, dormers, and architectural details are illuminated as well.  That can be done with a variety of our outdoor lighting fixtures.  Depth is probably the most important task and what sets us apart from a diy-er or someone who installs outdoor lighting on the

Lighting on this Kansas City home would take more lighting than a smaller home because of its width

Lighting on this Kansas City home would take more lighting than a smaller home because of its width

side.  Bringing out the depth and texture of your structures is more involved that setting a spotlight on the object.  If you don’t use the proper fixture, it can either look too dim or have “hot spots”, essentially washing the details out.  With the right type of lighting and design, the decorative features of the woodwork, columns, cornices or even finials on your property come to life at night.

If you want to be amazed at your home, landscaping or outdoor spaces at night, trust the outdoor lighting professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City.  Our 12+ years of experience in outdoor lighting has given us many opportunities to show our clients what proper outdoor lighting can do.  Give us a call to talk about our 7-light package or a tailor made design for your home.

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John Bruce, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City