What You Need to Know about Exterior Restaurant Lighting

Posted on January 18, 2017 by John Bruce

What You Need to Know about Exterior Restaurant Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives KCYou’ve taken great care in lighting the inside of your restaurant to create an atmosphere of warmth and ambience. You’ve carefully decided on a color scheme with coordinated table settings and the perfect layout. You’ve painstakingly developed a menu complete with specials and pairings.You think you’ve thought of everything, right?

What about lighting your restaurant’s exterior? The outside of your restaurant should be an extension of the dining experience by drawing people in, keeping them safe from parking lot to entrance, highlighting your signage and specials, and brightening outdoor eating areas such as patios or decks.

Attracting Diners

If the exterior of your restaurant doesn’t look as inviting as the inside, you could be missing out on the no-reservation crowd — those passing through the area and looking for a place to have dinner. While it’s true that you “can’t judge a book by its cover”, people often do just that, and will pass up a restaurant that doesn’t feel welcoming from the outside. Lights strung from trellises, lights highlighting the building’s architecture or an artful sign, a well-lit parking lot, and a clearly lit path to the entrance are all important ways to welcome potential diners.

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Safety and Security

People out on the town for a nice dinner shouldn’t have to worry about feeling unsafe in a poorly lit parking lot, or risk stumbling over a curb on the way into your restaurant. A brightly lit parking lot conveys a sense of safety, and well-lit walkways keep patrons from tripping and falling. Your customer’s experience of your restaurant starts outside, the moment they pull into the parking lot. Make it enjoyable from start to finish by clearly lighting your entrance and the path to it!

If you’re short on time, a good commercial lighting company can suggest different options for lighting your restaurant’s exterior to make the most of its best architectural features, landscaping, and signage. Having a professionally designed lighting plan will make your restaurant stand out from the competition, and can increase your business more than you can imagine!

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