What No One Tells You About Cafe Lighting

Posted on September 14, 2016 by John Bruce

Cafe Lighting Kansas CityIt’s not what you think, Pinterest. Cafe lighting is not simply stringing Christmas lights across your patio. The dreamy effects created by cafe lighting (or bistro lighting, or fiesta lighting, or festival lighting) require professional grade fixtures. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City breaks down the reasons to put down the strings of Christmas lights and call a pro to string up some romantic, quality fixtures.

Make Your Patio the Place to Be with Cafe Lighting

If your goal is to create an elegant atmosphere, you will be disappointed when your Christmas lights look like, well, Christmas lights. For a sophisticated look that you can enjoy with family and friends, you need to invest in real cafe lighting.

An outdoor lighting professional can make your patio feel like a European sidewalk bistro where people gather and linger. Good times and conversation won’t have to end when the sun goes down thanks to the soft ambiance of your beautiful backyard! Trained technicians know how to install these fixtures for maximum effect, delivering classy illumination to your home.

Where Should You Put Bistro Lights?

This trend is perfect for areas where overhead lighting would be difficult such as large patios and decks without an overhang. Properly installed cafe lighting drapes the illumination evenly and elegantly. This style of outdoor decorative string lighting will not sag down on your guests or blind them. Your family and friends will finally be able to enjoy activities in your outdoor living space, since the soft lighting means they can actually see what’s going on!

Durability of Outdoor String Lighting

Often, homeowners try to DIY before calling the professionals. When it comes to outdoor string lighting, frustrated homeowners share stories about the annoying issues with string lighting they have encountered. Usually, these homeowners were motivated to find the cheapest and easiest option.

The financially motivated and budget-conscious should remember that sub-standard lighting fixtures can corrode and deteriorate, create safety hazards, or stop functioning altogether. Saving money up front will cost you in the long run if you are replacing these lights after every storm, harsh winter, or hot summer.

Professionals use the highest quality of materials and commercial grade fixtures made in the USA to avoid safety hazards. Quality exterior lighting fixtures are designed to weather the storm, or any other weather conditions, throughout the year rather than only for a few weeks of one season. Professional string lighting is supported by a special cable to eliminate unnecessary stress on the wiring. This added support increases the lifespan of the lighting for your larger outdoor areas. Professional installation can ensure safety instead of drooping, sagging, or dangling.

If you are wanting cafe lighting above your patio or in your backyard, call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (913)859-9150 for the best results.

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