Outdoor Holiday Lighting Adds Spirit and Security in Kansas City

Posted on November 5, 2012 by John Bruce

We’ve been talking about holiday lighting for several weeks now and based on the amount of phone calls we have been receiving, we know you’ve been listening.  For those of you can’t get into the holiday spirit until the calendar turns to November, now is crunch time!

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, we love to create custom holiday lighting plans for our customers.  We even love to install all those holiday lights and décor for you.  What’s even better, we love coming back after the holidays to take it all down and store it for you.  We hope you will love that full-service approach as well.

Not only does holiday lighting make your home look incredibly welcoming and warm for the holidays, it also adds a level of protection you may not have at other times of the year.  Outdoor holiday lighting is typically installed around the front of your home, encompassing the front door and first floor windows, where break-ins most happen.  It makes your home more visible which will deter potential crimes.  Plus, your holiday lighting can be set on a timer to go on as soon as dusk arrives, making you feel more secure, not to mention put you in a holiday spirit, when coming home after dark. Consider it a gift within a gift.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has been around for over 11 years so we know how to properly design and install lighting for the best possible results, and this includes holiday lighting.  And, you can bet we’ll be around next year when it’s time to light up your home for the holidays.

If you’d like your home’s exterior decorated for the holiday season, give us a call today.  Our appointments are booking up quickly and we don’t want you to miss out.  913-859-9150 is the one to call.

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John Bruce, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City