Outdoor Lighting and Outdoor Projects Work Best Together

Posted on April 5, 2013 by John Bruce

Spring is a time of cleaning up, shaping up, and working on new projects. For many of us, those projects are home improvements. With the weather warming, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and make some changes for the better. So what home improvements are you planning for this spring? A new deck? Some new landscaping? Perhaps you will be adding an outdoor kitchen in your backyard or a water feature to your garden. Whatever your spring project, remember that you do

Coordinating your outdoor lighting with stone walls

Coordinating your outdoor lighting with stone walls

want to be able to see it once the sun goes down. Of course, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can install an outdoor lighting system at any point, but it’s best to consider outdoor lighting as part of your chosen home improvement rather than a separate project itself. This opens many opportunities.



Prior planning for installing outdoor lighting simultaneously with other home improvements is the best way to go. We can work with your contractors in order to better plan, design, and install your system. When outdoor lighting is installed as an afterthought, many limitations can present themselves. The power supply may not be in the right place, or installing the fixtures themselves might require some disassembly of a finished project. For example, an outdoor kitchen using all stonework may have no places to secure fixtures if the lighting is not designed and installed along with the other components. But if the lighting is installed when the kitchen is built, these needs can be planned for from the beginning. If you are considering a landscape project and choose to install landscape lighting in conjunction with the project, it will minimize the time that your property experiences the chaos of construction. In this case, you can get on to enjoying your improvements sooner than you would if we did it at a later date.



Outdoor lighting design coordinated with construction

Outdoor lighting design coordinated with construction

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has many years of experience not only installing outdoor lighting but also working with other contractors. Trust us when we say it is always better for us to work with them. With their collaboration, we will be able to create the best lighting design without limits. In these situations, it is easier to get you what you want in the most economical fashion if we are involved from the beginning.



So whatever outdoor project you begin this spring, be sure that outdoor lighting is a part of it from the start. Contact us today, so we can begin working with your other contractors without delay. There will be more options available to you, the process will be smoother, and you’ll be enjoying your new project, no matter what time of day, in much less time.






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