Outdoor Lighting for Kansas City Curb Appeal

Posted on July 24, 2014 by John Bruce
Beautiful lighting keeps this stunning home shining all night long.

Beautiful lighting keeps this stunning home shining all night long.

August is well on its way. In addition to bringing “the dog days”, did you know August brings National Curb Appeal Month? It is a whole month dedicated to sprucing up the exterior of your home and stepping up your game in the front yard. National Curb Appeal Month is the perfect time to make your home turn heads and become the talk of the neighborhood. But curb appeal isn’t just about bragging rights. Curb appeal is an essential component of resale and can even add value to your property. There are many projects you could undertake out front in August, but there are few improvements that transform your home like outdoor lighting.

No matter how much work you put into landscaping, no matter how detailed your architecture, if your home is not illuminated, all that fades into the shadows at sundown. Outdoor lighting ensures that the very best of your property is visible no matter the time of day. But outdoor lighting does more than just illuminate, it changes the mood and tone of your home. It transforms an ordinary, dark residence into a nighttime wonder. Professional outdoor lighting designers use light in much the same way visual artists use paint, clay, or stone. We manipulate light to create a beautiful scene that mesmerizes.

Warm light creates welcome and mystery at this residence.

Warm light creates welcome and mystery at this residence.

Lighting for curb appeal means focusing on the sides of your home that people see first (typically the front). Architectural lighting will bring notice to your home’s unique architectural features, perhaps a distinctive roofline or uncommon windows. These elements should be highlighted. Entryway and path lighting create an approach to your home that is warm and welcoming. Underneath lovely wash lighting and dramatic uplighting, your landscaping and trees contribute texture to the scene. Such lighting gives memorable first impressions and makes your home enticing.

So as we move closer to August, start looking at the front of your home. Will outdoor lighting make a difference? Of course, it will. In the hands of a professional outdoor lighting designer, the look of any property can be improved. So call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City and start the improvement that is sure to make your home more appealing.



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