Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City makes the night come alive in Leawood, KS

Posted on July 3, 2015 by John Bruce

Leawood KS landscape lightingOne of our most recent completed outdoor lighting installations takes us to Leawood, KS. In this project, the homeowners were not pleased with the effects of their existing outdoor lighting system. Not only did the placement and design seem unbalanced in some areas, they also had a great many “dark spots” within the landscape and along the front facade of the home. After sitting down with the homeowners and listening to their needs and desires, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City was able to utilize many of the client’s existing fixtures along with the addition of new fixture in new locales around the property.

Leawood, KS outdoor lighting

Front facade of Leawood, KS, home after completion on project.

Placement is key to any successful outdoor lighting design. In many cases we are able to integrate existing lighting by moving it to alternate locations to better highlight candidates of illumination. In this manner, nothing viable goes to waste. By working with the shadows and textures present on this property we were able to bring out the best features of the beautiful home and landscape.

Leawood KS outdoor lightingJust as important as proper placement is “the process” we use to help our clients get the best use of their space, the way they want it. Our initial consultation begins with asking questions regarding how you want to utilize your space. We then sit poised for your answers in order to paint pictures of what you see in your mind. For example, if you are interested in pool surround lighting, we may ask how often you swim at night or if you cookout poolside? If you are interested in deck or patio lighting, we will ask if the area is used for entertaining or reserved for your own private space to curl up in a comfy chair and read a book? All these are important cues we use to design outdoor lighting that is right for your lifestyle and needs.

Just as important as the question themselves, are your answers. Your answers to these crucial questions allow us to suggest lighting the area with two levels of lighting, ambient and a more focused task lighting. Listening to you, we ensure that the impetus of each design is based on your wants and needs and then your budget.

Leawood, KS, landscape lighting

This outdoor lighting design involved many “layers” to bring it to fruition. Along with path lighting, landscape lighting and architectural lighting we were also able to illuminate the homeowner’s beautiful water fountain which is part of their outdoor living space. Lighting the fountain has been something the homeowner’s really wanted but were told by other lighting contractors that it just wasn’t possible. With our experience and a little ingenuity were able to bring their vision of lighting the water feature to life.

Leawood KS water feature lighting

The homeowner’s are elated with the outdoor lighting and are looking forward to more additions in the future as this installation was part one of a three-part design we are working on at this property. In the coming months we plan to add additional landscape lighting and design the lighting which will encompass their outdoor kitchen installation. The best is yet to come!

Leawood KS patio lighting

We are the area’s premiere upscale outdoor lighting company. We specialize in turning your outdoors into the unforgettable space of your dreams; where relaxation, function and beauty can coexist because of your versatile outdoor lighting system. The benefits of outdoor lighting extend past the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere it creates on your property, it can add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle too.

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