Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas Citys 2013 Highlight Reel

Posted on December 23, 2013 by John Bruce

2013 has been a busy and successful year for us. As we start winding down to enjoy the upcoming holidays, it gives us a chance to reflect upon the year and express our gratitude in being allowed to do what we love: make people happy. One of our favorite moments is turning on an outdoor lighting system for the first time and seeing the smiles spread across the faces of our clients. The magic of that moment is priceless and gives us great pride knowing we designed and installed a system that brings so much joy.

Beyond those warm, fuzzy moments, we also feel fortunate to have been able to grow the business this past year and move into new arenas like commercial outdoor lighting. While the

Cafe lights decorate your outdoor spaces for a special event or a special night at home.

Cafe lights decorate your outdoor spaces for a special event or a special night at home.

majority of our outdoor lighting is done for residential clients, this year we were able to enhance the lighting and safety at several of hotels and parking lots around Kansas City. It is a very different process but one we enjoy as well. We also traveled beyond the scope of traditional landscape and architectural lighting with our temporary special event fixtures. Our battery powered fixtures continue to be popular for outdoor events and can be placed virtually anywhere since they don’t need an additional power source. They are the same high quality fixtures we install so know they will not only work wonderfully but look beautiful as well. And if the accent lights weren’t enough, we also began installing our new café lights. It gives the look and feel of that Parisian café that brings and almost instant calming effect to any space.

Another trend we noticed this year was more people staying in their existing homes and adding on or improving upon what they have. That typically means adding on to their existing outdoor lighting systems. Whether it was a water feature, pool, new deck or patio or even outdoor dining area, we were able to create that magic with outdoor lighting that makes the space more usable throughout the night. The majority of installations had people opting for our LED lighting. LED lighting is definitely becoming more mainstream within the home and the trend is carrying over to the great outdoors. Long gone are the days of the cold blue LED light. Our

LED outdoor lighting makes your home and outdoor spaces look magnificent.

LED outdoor lighting makes your home and outdoor spaces look magnificent.

advanced LEDs give off a warm light that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional halogen lighting. And the energy-efficiencies and long bulb life make it an easy decision. Another advantage is lower wattages for LEDs so additional fixtures can be used with the current transformer many times.

There are many more highlights we could talk about from the year and we have written about in previous posts but we’d like to wrap up by thanking each of our current clients and Kansas City residents who may become clients in the upcoming year. We are thankful for your trust in us. We will continue to strive for excellence in 2014 as we conquer new challenges and form lasting friendships. We remain committed to Kansas City and look forward to lighting many new homes, outdoor spaces, landscaping and beyond next year.

From the entire team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, we wish you the happiest holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City