4 Adorable Playhouses That Glow in the Dark with Custom Outdoor Lighting

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Web Master

Yards aren’t the only thing outside that need lighting. Many homeowners have playhouses, treehouses, forts and more to entertain their kiddos. When the days get shorter and darkness falls earlier, there’s no reason the fun should end early! A little lighting in and around these imagination-building structures can extend playtime for several hours.

Keep the Kids Off the Couch after Dinner

Everyone complains about kids not getting outside, spending too much time playing video games, checking social media, and not getting enough exercise. So instead of complaining, do something.

Make the outdoors more inviting! Get those couch-potato wannabes outside and keep them out there with an illuminated playhouse. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to camp out there!

We trolled Pinterest for some fun backyard playhouses to inspire you to add outdoor lighting to yours. Check out the difference just a little lighting can make:
backyard playhouse with outdoor lightingImagine the amazing make-believe meals your kids will create after dark in the kitchen of this charming cottage. Practice your pretend eating skills and don’t forget to ask for dessert!

lighting on playhouse with slideThis two-story playhouse combines imagination and exercise in one place. A little electricity can keep the fun going after dusk. Speaking of electricity. Can’t you already imagine the static electricity hairstyles created by that slide?


outdoor lighting on playhouse with swingsTV? Who wants to watch TV when you can swing, slide and climb? Just the addition of a few outdoor lights turns this playground into an evening of entertainment for multiple kids. Be ready to chase the neighborhood kids home in time for their curfew.

play house lighting

The warm glow from the porch lights on this cozy cottage will beckon even the laziest of lads and lasses to lace up their shoes and abandon their devices for an evening of make believe.

If you have a playhouse, treehouse, fort, garden shed, office shed, or she shed that could use outdoor lighting, give us a call at (913) 859-9150 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help.

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