Quick Commercial Outdoor Lighting Tips for a More Inviting Clubhouse

Posted on February 14, 2017 by John Bruce

outdoor-lighting-perspectives-kansas-city-clubhouse-lightingWell-designed lighting is an easy, cost efficient way to make your clubhouse more inviting – and more profitable. Guests will appreciate lighting that complements their lifestyle and makes their activities at the clubhouse more enjoyable.


Quick tips for more inviting clubhouses include blending ambient, task, and overhead lighting in ways that will enhance your guest’s overall experience. Through strategic “mixing and matching,” your overall lighting scheme will look artistic and enticing, while also providing safety and security.

Illuminate the Pool Deck with Accent Lighting

The pool area must have the appropriate safety lighting around the edges and steps. Guests will also appreciate strategically lit areas that make it easy for them to relax and read around the pool. Create a festive mood by including some decorative overhead cafe lighting in a few poolside areas.


By anticipating your guests’ needs, and providing appropriate lighting, you can enhance the overall atmosphere and add value to the club. With proper illumination, guests will be able to extend their use of the clubhouse well into the evening. This means they will be spending more time, and money, enjoying your facility.

Set the Mood in the Dining Area

Enhance dining area ambiance by using strategically designed lighting. Flexibility is key when planning the lighting scheme for dining areas. By using a mix of lighting styles, guests will be able to enjoy soft, decorative lighting that will enhance the mood, while also being able to clearly see and enjoy the food being served. Repositionable lighting is a plus in dining areas, providing the flexibility to rearrange lights when necessary to fit every special event and scenario.

Let Your Clubhouse Shine

outdoor-lighting-perspectives-kansas-city-clubhouseDiscretely positioned spotlights are perfect for highlighting architectural and landscaping focal points, as well as clubhouse features. Strategically designed lighting can make areas appear more expansive and inviting when extended into surrounding areas. Even lighting that is primarily designed for safety, such as step and railing lights, will blend beautifully into the overall decorating scheme if they are artfully placed and visually interesting. The goal is to create an inviting, enjoyable, functional environment that will keep guests coming back for more.

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