Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet, Our Outdoor Lighting System or Someone Else’s, We’ll Service It!

Posted on February 6, 2013 by John Bruce

Mother Nature has certainly been unpredictable this winter.  With near record temperatures one day to snow the next, it’s hard to tell what the rest of the week brings.  The scope of elements she has to throw at us can definitely wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting systems.  If you’re a current client of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, you already know about our exceptional warranties, annual maintenance programs, and, depending on the length of time you’ve had our outdoor lighting system, our exceptional service.  We stand behind our products 100% and are dedicated to ensuring your systems is working its best, even if we didn’t design and install it.

We know there are many companies in the Kansas City arOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City Services all outdoor lighting systemsea that have installed outdoor lighting systems.  Maybe your installation company is no longer in business or maybe you purchased your home with an existing system.  Whatever the case, our experienced technicians can service your system, restore any fixtures that are not working properly, and repair and bury exposed wires.  In many cases, we can even add additional lighting fixtures and even retrofit to our energy-efficient LED lighting that can save you up to 80% in energy costs.

If this winter and the elements have not been kind to your outdoor lighting system, give us a call.  We would be happy to make the repairs necessary in time for the warmer weather when you can enjoy the outdoors at night.

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John Bruce, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City