3 Reasons Your Golf Course Clubhouse Needs More Lighting

Posted on November 16, 2016 by John Bruce

golf-course-clubhouse-lighting-professionals-kansas-cityIf your golf course clubhouse isn’t well lit, you could be missing out on potential revenue. Dynamic outdoor lighting is essential to any thriving business, and your clubhouse is no different. While you might consider your golf course a business that thrives during daylight hours, you might be surprised to hear that there are some great reasons to add outdoor lighting to your clubhouse. Here are three of them:

Safety for Your Patrons

Plenty of lighting promotes a safe environment, and you will get more business when your clients feel safe on your property. By adding lighting to the outside of your clubhouse, your guests will be more inclined to visit after a round of golf or during dinner hours. If your clubhouse doesn’t look safe, your clients may decide to go elsewhere for social time after golfing.

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Create a Sophisticated Ambiance

You know the importance of having a professionally groomed, attractive facility where your clients feel like they are getting topnotch service. Your clubhouse should offer the same level of sophistication as the rest of your golf course.

Attractive, modern lighting will give your clubhouse and the rest of your property an atmosphere of a well-maintained business with owners who care about presentation. When you offer a higher level of service, you attract more clients and command higher fees.

Make Your Clubhouse a Destination

A beautiful golf course makes a great setting for events like weddings and other celebrations. When you offer an attractive, well-lit clubhouse, you will be able to reach a whole other type of clientele and open your business up to new opportunities.

Take your golf course clubhouse to a whole new level of service by installing a lighting system designed just for your business.

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