5 Outdoor Lighting Effects That’ll Transform Your Restaurant Patio

Posted on September 5, 2017 by John Bruce

restaurant patio lighting ideas

If you have outdoor seating at your restaurant, these five lighting tips will turn your patio into a diner’s paradise. The good news with outdoor lighting is it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in mood and ambiance. There’s something bewitching about lights at night that automatically add warmth, a sense of security, and a bit of magic. Try adding one, two or all five of these lighting ideas to your patio and see how it becomes a guest magnet.

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1. Cafe Lighting Says Cozy

Cafe Lighting for Restaurant Patio


Make your patio warm and cozy by stringing some cafe lights above your diners. Cafe lights are easy to add. Criss crossing lights that hang on different walls create a beautiful ceiling of lights.

Even patios without walls look enchanting with cafe lights on their roofline. The glowing bulbs will beckon passersby and restaurant patrons from inside to come out and dine al fresco on the patio.


2. Edison Bulbs Create Old World Charm

Outdoor lighting with Edison Bulbs


Add a touch of sophistication with Edison bulbs. It’s no wonder they are all the rage. Edison-style café string lights are just as functional and durable as standard bulbs, but they bring a stylish, vintage twist to the party.

Their soft, amber glow and retro styling add double the old-world charm to your patio area, creating an instantly warm atmosphere.


3. Highlight Umbrellas with Mini Lights

lights added to table umbrella


Mini lights strung underneath along the braces of your table umbrella and radiating out to the edge create the feeling of a starry sky above. It’s absolutely enchanting.

Being in the surrounding darkness with twinkling lights so close overhead will have guests subconsciously hearkening back to childhood memories of creating blanket forts in the living room.


4. Don’t Forget the Walls and Fences

fence and wall lighting for outdoor restaurant seating


Most patios have at least one wall (the building they are attached to) and many have more. Walls and fences are great places to add lighting as well. You can string cafe lights in leisurely scallop patterns or run a straight line of lights across the top of the fence or wall.

Also, sconces and lanterns hang easily from fences and walls and create an ethereal border of light. You can go elegant and formal or colorful and whimsical depending on the personality of your patio.


5. Keep Things Cozy to Extend the Patio Season

people enjoying eating outside under patio lighting

If you want your guests to come back and stay longer, consider other ways to enhance your space. Don’t forget to add some outdoor heaters or fire pits to the patio to extend the outdoor dining season. A crackling fire and dancing flames add even more ambiance.

You can even throw blankets about on crisper evenings to up the snuggle-in-and-stay-awhile factor. If they’re comfortable they’ll stay, and it they’re staying, they’re ordering more food and drinks.

If you need help adding outdoor lighting to your restaurant’s patio area, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives a call at (913) 228-2188 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help.

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