As we say goodbye to 2012 with thanks, we look forward to a successful 2013

Posted on December 27, 2012 by John Bruce

As the holiday season has come upon us, it means that the start of a new year is fast approaching, (wow where did 2012 go??).  Sitting back and reflecting on the past year it is easy to recall the most talked about topics in the news; the worst drought since the 1930’s, hurricane Sandy, the presidential election and most recently the Connecticut shooting.  Since I am more of an optimist I would rather recall the many new relationships made, the advancements that LED lighting has made in the world of landscape lighting, and the growth that our business has seen by serving both our existing and new customers.

Meeting our Customers

Having the opportunity to meet many of you has been wonderful.  It allowed putting a face with a name and in some cases having discovered that we have mutual friends or acquaintances.  It has also been exciting discovering all the different businesses our customers are engaged in from the most common Banking, Law, Medicine, Business, Accounting, etc. to the not so common Animal Trainer/Groomer, Inventor, Stone Carver, Vintner (also known as a wine maker ), Tobacconist (also known as a cigar maker) and Author.  I have always been a people person but meeting so many people from different walks of life has been fun and I look forward to meeting even more exciting people in this coming year.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED has definitely been the talk of the lighting world for many years but 2012 has really brought LED to our world of landscape lighting. For many years we have been told that LED’s will save on our energy bills and likewise we have been drilled on how we all need to reduce our carbon footprint and Go Green.  This past year the benefits of reduced energy and increased longevity combined with visual aesthetics has made LED the preferred choice for their outdoor landscaping and architectural lighting.  We saw approximately 90% of all new system installations going with LED as well as about 40% of customers adding-on to their existing system and several recognizing the benefits of us retro-fit their existing system fixtures.

The growth we experienced this past year, I believe, is a result of multiple factors, a slowly recovering economy, homeowners choosing to enhance their outdoor living spaces, quality products coupled with quality service and knowledgeable, friendly personal.   We all know that the economy isn’t “fixed” and according to most news networks the economy is “sluggish” at best, but in Kansas City it appears people are choosing to live life within their means.  Homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes, build a new deck, redo or enhance their landscaping or even build that outdoor kitchen or fireplace.  With these enhancements, they have literally added an entirely new living space to their home and have also discovered that new space needed to be properly lit to maximize their enjoyment.   Quality products with quality service from knowledgeable and friendly people has been our focus.  We know we are not perfect ,but still strive for perfection with every aspect of our business.  I believe that is what most customers want from any business and that is what we have tried to and will continue to deliver in the coming year.

I was once told that “business is simply people helping people”.  Looking at this past year I believe that is exactly what we have done and will continue in 2013.  Thank you to all of our customers, we truly value and appreciate your business.

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