5 Scary Things Lurking in Your Dark Backyard

Posted on October 3, 2016 by John Bruce

Your backyard should be an oasis. It’s a place you can relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself. However, without enough lighting, your backyard can produce a number of hazards. As Halloween approaches, and daylight hours grow shorter, make sure that decorations are the only scary things lurking in your backyard. The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives wants to shine a little light on the subject of dark backyards.

1.Stepsdeck stairs light steps johnson county kansas city

Imagine walking outside at night. The moon is covered by clouds, and it’s so dark you can’t see the steps in front of you. You reach them sooner than you expect, and you trip. This isn’t an ideal situation, and it is easily avoided. Adding a few lights to your stairs can make your path easier, plus it adds some decoration to an otherwise dark area.

2.Your Dog

It’s dark, but your dog needs to go outside. You open the door and let him out. He doesn’t come back as quickly as you expect, and he’s off in that area beyond the reach of your dinky porch light, so off you go. You walk through your yard, but it’s so dark, you accidentally trip over your dog as he runs beneath your feet. Poor Fido! Wouldn’t you rather have an enjoyable late night excursion with your dog? With proper lighting you can walk outside, enjoy the stars, and watch as your dog runs landscape lighting johnson county kansasaround wagging his adorable tail. It’s safer for both of you this way.

3.Hanging Plants or Decorations

It’s Halloween, you’ve watched a few scary movies, and now every noise is an instant reason to look outside. You know you have hanging decorations in your yard, and you tell yourself that’s what made the noise, but you still have to look. Your heart is beating in your ears as you peer out the window. If you don’t have adequate lighting outside, you likely won’t see past your patio. What about the dark corners of the yard? What’s in the shadows? With proper lighting, you’ll look outside, see your beautifully decorated yard lit with the glow of gorgeous light, and know that you’re safe within your home.outdoor pool lights

4.Your Pool

During the day, your pool is a fun and exciting part of your yard. But at night, without lighting, it turns into something else completely. Your kids, dog, guests, or even you, could easily topple into the pool unexpectedly because it’s almost impossible to see the edge without lighting.

5.That Water Feature from Last Summer

water fountain beautifully lit kansas cityWho dug this giant hole in your yard? Right, that was you, last summer. You had good intentions of adding a water feature, a bubbling fountain with some Koi, to your home and now you find yourself with a twisted ankle from this backyard mud pit. Thankfully you never got around to edging it with pavers, or else your head would have met the rocks. How about we finish up last year’s project and budget for lightingto go around it? That way nobody ends up swimming with the fishes.

A porch light isn’t enough. Your yard is too big for a tiny light to cover. Avoid tripping, falling, smashing the kids’ toys, or scaring yourself by adding the proper lighting to your yard. Pathway lighting, landscape lighting, and pool lighting all help protect you, and your friends and family, plus add ambiance to your yard. Outdoor lighting gives you the opportunity to have fun outside, even after the sun goes down. Don’t let your backyard become a hazard, and don’t let your dark yard scare you this Halloween.

Instead, visit us online, or call us at (913) 859-9150 and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives help you turn your backyard into a safe, beautiful space that will bring you nothing but joy. For more information about the effects lighting can add to your home, check out our guide: Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home With Our Quick Guide to Outdoor Lighting