School Is In and So Is Outdoor Lighting for your Kansas City Home

Posted on August 23, 2013 by John Bruce
r backyard can be the go-to spot for this season's many activities.

r backyard can be the go-to spot for this season’s many activities.

You’ve been unable to avoid the topic of school no matter where you go. Bombarded by sales, statements, and slogans alike. The world has been telling you for the past month that it’s time to go back to school. Kids are groaning, parents are cheering, and the crisp air of fall is fast approaching. While most children begrudge the classroom, they are excited to reunite with their friends and participate in many school activities. You are probably going to be meeting up with fellow parents sometime soon to celebrate the new school year with various activities and sporting events. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a backyard oasis away from the blinding lights and cheering crowd? To find have a place where you, your children, and your friends can enjoy the festivities in a comfortable, relaxing environment? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City knows exactly how to achieve that blissful goal with the use of outdoor lighting.

Your yard is a gathering place for your family and friends. It can be utilized so much better when you install outdoor lighting. It can go from simple to stunning with a few creatively placed fixtures. Take, for example, a recent project of ours. Off of a back patio was a stunning fireplace. Made of white stone, the fixture was sleek and sophisticated. It was made to be put in the spotlight.

Outdoor lighting creates the perfect ambiance for any end-of-summer or start-of-school party.

Outdoor lighting creates the perfect ambiance for any end-of-summer or start-of-school party.

So we created a brilliant design that involved lighting the fireplace from the ground up. Using the right kind of outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs, we were able to create a breathtaking view. The ambient light that reflected off the stone brilliantly lit the entire patio area. Neither strong nor blinding, it set the perfect mood for an impromptu gathering. There was no need to light an actual fire in order to fully enjoy the patio even on the darkest of nights.

The scene was perfect. The elated customers could bring any party back to their home and be fully comfortable in enjoying the night. With all the ruckus that comes from football games, PTA meetings, and other school functions, having a place of peace to come back to is a must. Plus it is an excellent venue for intimate parties and events that are sure to surface with the months to come. Outdoor lighting creates an excellent ambiance that provides comfort and safety as the nights grow longer. Regardless of whether you have a stone fireplace or not, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has what it takes to transform your home and yard into a stunning spectacle.

Give our office a call today. We’ll get started right away on designing a plan that works best for you. Going back to school can be hectic, perhaps downright chaotic, but you won’t be stressing about where to go when all is said and done. You’ll be able to kick back and relax with a backyard fit to ease your troubled mind.



John Bruce, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City