Shedding “light” with John Bruce on KCL-TV for outdoor lighting 101!

Posted on March 27, 2015 by John Bruce

41 KSHB on Kansas City LiveOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City was recently invited to participate in a five part series hosted by channel 41 KSHB on Kansas City Live. For part 1, owner John Bruce shared information regarding the multiple benefits of outdoor lighting in the March 23rd segment titled “Outdoor Lighting 101″.

John explained how outdoor lighting designs not only add curb appeal to your home, but also increase the safety and security of your residence and overall property. Using before and after photos along with examples of  fixtures John demonstrated the vast difference between a home using only porch and garage external fixtures for outdoor lighting and one with added architectural and pathway lighting. He pointed out how the placement of these additional lighting fixtures illuminates the entire front of the residence. The host, Michelle Davidson, was quite astonished at the metamorphosis of the exterior of the home…not only was it clearly easier to see the walkway and stairs leading to the entrance at night, but the enhanced visual impact was remarkable.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City for better curb appeal.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City for better curb appeal.

To wrap up his segment, John offered a special deal to KCLTV viewers who call for a consultation; 2 FREE light fixtures with a new 10 fixture outdoor lighting system plus an additional 1 year maintenance free warranty. All of this is in addition to our unmatched warranty and safeguards.

Outdoor lighting is all we do, but we don’t provide just lights, we work with you to custom design a lighting system that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your home in the evening, light your pathways and driveways to provide better safety or create a relaxing oasis in your backyard, we’ll help you determine the right outdoor lights, create a custom design plan and professionally install your system so you’re sure to enjoy your Kansas City space night after night.

John-Bruce,-OwnerWant to learn more or have questions? Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today for a consultation and to take advantage of our special deal John mentioned on channel 41 KSHB on Kansas City Live. Trust your outdoor lighting to outdoor lighting professionals. You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or by visiting

Our next segment is scheduled to air on Kansas City Live April 13th…. stay tuned!