Shouldn’t your new fall landscape renovations be shown in their best light?

Posted on August 31, 2015 by John Bruce
Now is the time to consider landscape renovations, but don't forget the outdoor lighting

Now is the time to consider landscape renovations, but don’t forget the outdoor lighting!

Shortly after Labor Day, the last hurrah of summer many Kansas City homeowners plan their fall landscaping chores and renovations. Since the longevity of the winter helps solidify a strong root system, fall is your last chance to prepare your property for winter, and to protect your home’s curb appeal that you’ve worked so hard to create. So pull on some gloves, grab your tools, and get ready to mulch, prune, and plant before snow and frozen ground turn the lights out on your landscaping.

Kansas City waterfall lightingNo matter if you are sprucing up your current landscaping or giving your property a whole new look, either begs the question, “What is newly renovated landscaping without proper landscape lighting?” Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can work with you and any landscape architect or designer you may hire to bring you the most aesthetic value and benefit to your property. We can schedule an onsite consultation to discuss your specific desires and needs and suggest areas that would benefit from the addition of outdoor lighting.

cottage style outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting.

Once your landscape renovations are finished, our talented team will then complete the installation of your outdoor lighting. This final installation will include placement of fixtures, making sure the entire design is in perfect working order and setting up timers and automation.

Outdoor lighting provides the ultimate finishing touch for all your landscape renovations and even any outdoor living upgrades or additions you may have. It’s rare that a service or product can totally change the way you feel about an area of your home or property. But, our outdoor lighting designs can do just that. Our lighting can transform a once dark and desolate space in the evening and bring it to life and truly change the way you feel and utilize the exterior of your home. If you have ever wished your landscape and outdoor living areas looked and functioned as they do during the day, we can make it happen.

LED Lights from Outdoor Lighting PerspectivesLandscape, tree, water feature and accent are all types of lighting that will deliver that “WOW” factor by enhancing visual interest, aesthetic, dimension, and even the colors of your landscaping endeavors. From bringing out the architectural aesthetics of your masonry or hardscape areas, to adding a whole new element to a newly installed garden or water feature — lighting will dramatically increase the beauty and ambiance of your home and landscape after dark.

When choosing an outdoor lighting company, just as with any major purchase, you have much to consider, and there are probably many qualities you are looking for in a company. Of course, price is important to most. But as all of us know, the cheapest deal is not always the best deal. For your next outdoor lighting project, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City offers you many benefits that other companies do not. We offer quality, individual design, and unmatched service which makes us the Kansas City area’s consistently hard-to-beat company in the world of outdoor lighting.

Leawood, KS outdoor lighting

Front facade of Leawood, KS, home after completion of outdoor lighting project.

We use only the highest quality fixtures for our installs. This means that we are not the cheapest company available to you, but it does mean that the fixtures, timers, and wiring you get from us will outlast lower quality systems. All of our accent fixtures are made of durable brass or copper. These metals have been used for centuries in nautical equipment because they can withstand the elements without deteriorating. Additionally, all of our fixtures are made here in the USA. So while other companies may offer you a lower price, our fixtures will last many years, while continuing to light your property consistently.

John-Bruce-OwnerFor quality products, personal design and  the best customer service, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today. We will help you get the best outdoor lighting system with the most benefits for the money you spend. After all, shouldn’t your new fall landscape renovations be shown in their best light? Call us today at 913-859-9150, so we can help you enjoy all the benefits outdoor lighting has to offer…or email us at: