Show Off Your Kansas City Fall Foliage With Tree Lighting

Posted on September 4, 2014 by John Bruce
Be sure your trees' foliage is visible after dark this fall.

Be sure your trees’ foliage is visible after dark this fall.

Strong, rooted, ancient – trees are the most beautiful, venerable components of our landscapes here in the Kansas City. They enhance the look of our yards. Our kids and pets play underneath their wide spreading branches. Temperatures have been sweltering the past couple weeks, and we have thoroughly appreciated the shade our trees provide. Though it’s a little hard to imagine right now, it won’t be long before the temperatures cool and foliage explodes with color – reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Fall is beautiful. Unfortunately, bearing witness to one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenas is limited to the daytime. At nightfall, pale moonlight alters the look of colors, and in many cases, the leaves won’t be visible at all. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy fall color at night? The scene would be even more striking than it is during the day – the bright beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds surrounded by darkness. If you install tree lighting, this experience is possible.


tree_lighting_Kansas_CityTree lighting is a form of Kansas City landscape lighting that encompasses many techniques used to highlight the very best features of trees. Tree lighting is different from other forms of Kansas City landscape lighting because of the unique shape and size of trees. Most shrubs and flowerbeds are lower to the ground and work as a part of the landscaping design. Of course, trees are components in landscape design as well. However some of our most beautiful trees are the ones that stand alone. These trees have the opportunity to reach their maximum size and develop that perfect tree shape. They have large crowns and deeply gnarled bark. Uplighting is the technique most often used to highlight these giants, though spotlighting and wash lighting may also be used. Imagine your best trees’ fall foliage bathed in bright, natural light that allows their true colors to shine.


Uplighting brings notice to the gnarled texture of bark and the unique structure of branches.

Uplighting brings notice to the gnarled texture of bark and the unique structure of branches.

Of course, as the holidays grow closer, your trees will lose their leaves. This bare look may seem bleak, but under Kansas City tree lighting, the texture of the tree’s bark and the unique pattern of the tree’s branches will stand out. Additionally, many of the fixtures we use for tree lighting have changeable lens covers. While lens covers are practical because they keep dead leaves and litter off of the bulb, they can also be fun. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has a variety of colored lens covers that can bring unique focus to a tree. This is especially true if these covers are used strategically within a design that incorporates natural light as well. Finally, colored lens covers make decorating for the holidays a snap. Reds, greens, blues, and yellows can work with a variety of decorating themes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.


Fall is approaching. Before you know it, the air will bite, and you’ll be cozy in a sweater, sipping a pumpkin flavored drink. Be sure you can enjoy the iconic colors of fall at home, both day and night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today, and bring notice to the oldest, largest living things on your property.



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