3 Problems Small Businesses Owners Are in the Dark About

Posted on November 9, 2016 by John Bruce

outdoor lighting small business owners in the darkWhen you own a business, there are a million things on your to-do list so it’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening on the inside where all the action goes down. As a result, exterior lighting is often overlooked. Having proper illumination installed on the outside of your establishment is a vital piece of any business.

Here are 3 Ways to Tell If Your Hotel or Restaurant Needs Exterior Lighting:

1. The Incredible Disappearing Building!

This happens when your business has poor exterior lighting. After the sun goes down, your business is shrouded in darkness and potential customers can’t even see your building as they drive by. This can be pretty harmful to businesses whose customers are largely walk-in based, like a hotel or a restaurant.

An expertly designed lighting plan to illuminate the outside of your building will not only make your business more visible, it will actually draw attention from prospective customers!

2. Where Did I Park!?

Have you ever seen your customers walk out of your establishment only to stand in the parking lot for ten minutes looking around for their car? If you have witnessed this, it means that it’s time to get some proper night-time visibility for your parking lot. Another thing to consider when deciding how much lighting to put in your lot is safety. Wouldn’t it be horrible to have one of your customers trip and get hurt while looking for their car?

And don’t forget that your patrons also want to feel safe from danger while walking to their car. A creepy, poorly lit parking lot may keep them from returning the next time.

A customer’s experience doesn’t end at the door, it extends all the way to the end of the parking lot. Make their great experience all positive by supplying them with the best parking lot illumination.

3. Are You Guys Open?

“Hi. Are you guys open? Because your website says you’re open but your lights are off.” Sound familiar? If you have received phone calls that sound a lot like this one, it means that your business is so dark that it actually looks like it’s closed.

Ensure it is loud and clear that you are open and ready for business when people pass by your hotel, restaurant, or other business by showcasing the architecture of your building and landscaping at night with outdoor lighting! Contact us online or by phone at (913) 859-9150.