Don’t Forget to Check Your Outdoor Lighting This Spring!

Posted on March 5, 2018 by Web Master

spring outdoor lighting maintenanceAhhh, spring! The temperatures will rise and the flowers will bloom making bitter winter days a distant memory. But don’t forget, everything that was outdoors all winter took a pretty good beating.

Wind, freezing temperatures, ice, snow…Kansas City winters are brutal. So don’t forget to check in on outdoor items including your lighting.

Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Spring Maintenance List

Whether you have lights on your deck or patio, pathway lights, or porch/entryway lights, make sure to inspect them thoroughly including the wiring leading to them. Snow drifts pile up on fixtures. Of course, they continue burning, and with the melting snow and drastic temperature variations around the components, bulb lives may be shortened. Chances are, if you weren’t digging your fixtures out this season, you probably have a bulb or two that needs replacing.

Check Your Lights for Placement and Wiring

Winter precipitation can also alter the position of fixtures. This can occur because of bombardment by ice and sleet, the weight of snow and ice pushing down or against fixtures, or precipitation being cleared away from them. Make sure to check that no underground wiring got displaced by snow shovels or foraging animals like squirrels, rabbits, or raccoons.

Don’t forget, you may need to adjust your timer to accommodate for the change to Daylight Savings Time.

Get an Annual Maintenance Plan for Outdoor Lighting

deck lighting and spring maintenance

Never worry about nature’s wear and tear on your system again. With our annual maintenance plan, we’ll take care of it for you. If you are a current client and already have our annual maintenance plan, just call to schedule. This work is covered by your plan.

If you don’t have an annual maintenance plan, consider adding one. Just like any other component of your home, outdoor lighting systems need routine care to keep them functioning properly and looking their best.

With this plan, we handle it all for you, and you have one less worry. If you are not one of our clients but still have a system that needs maintenance, call us. We are capable and happy to service systems installed by other outdoor lighting providers and contractors. We can still help make your system perform at its peak levels, even if we didn’t design it.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today, and be well on your way to enjoying beautiful spring nights bathed in exquisite outdoor light. Call us at (913) 859-9150 or contact us online.

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