Temporary Outdoor Lighting Let’s Your Event Shine

Posted on August 14, 2012 by John Bruce

With the end of the summer quickly approaching we know that the cooler fall air will be arriving soon.  The temperatures and fall scenery give the perfect backdrop for an outdoor event.  In planning the event, you may be thinking about food, music, entertainment or even temporary structures for the event itself.  Don’t let your party end too early because you don’t have the proper lighting.  Temporary outdoor lighting can be set up just about anywhere to define the perimeter of your area, add safety to steps and pathways or just add ambiance to your party.

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, we have set up temporary outdoor lighting for several special events and know how to properly highlight the features you are striving to illuminate.  Our battery-powered temporary outdoor lighting has the same benefits as our traditional outdoor lighting but can be set up quickly and in places traditional lighting would not be available.  Plus, our temporary lighting is just as stylish and attractive as our traditional lighting.

If you are already thinking about how lighting can help, let us give you some examples of how we have used our temporary outdoor fixtures:

One of our existing customers had our outdoor lighting fixtures installed around their home and pool.  They were hosting a wedding reception for some friends and wanted to add some more lighting to an area much further away from the house.  The pool area was set up for a cocktail hour in the early evening with dinner and dancing taking place in the meadow when the sun went down.  The problem was that the guests and newlyweds had to travel down the natural

Kansas City temporary outdoor lighting

The temporary outdoor lighting placed on the uneven stone staircase helped the guests navigate safely.

stone steps and across the creek to get to the dining and entertaining area.  We placed our battery-powered LED path lights along the uneven surfaces of the steps and creek crossing to help the guests cross safely.  We also placed temporary well lights at the base of the trees on the perimeter of the meadow to define the area and add ambience.  Not only did the lighting magically highlight the meadow, steps and pathway, it also increased the safety of the area for the guest traveling to the dining area and back to their cars once the reception was over. All the fixtures were connected to 14 hour rechargeable batteries.

Another existing customer called us for their granddaughters wedding they were hosting at their home.  The family had our traditional outdoor lighting already installed around their pool and gardens but were concerned about lighting in the parking area.  In the past they had Christmas lights strung throughout the trees but the installation took a lot of time and a generator was needed to light them.  We came out to their home and showed them how our temporary outdoor lighting could be installed in the trees allowing their guests a safe return to their cars at the end of the evening.  They were delighted with the way our lighting illuminating the parking area and were impressed with how quickly it was installed.

As you can see, our temporary outdoor event lighting can be placed just about anywhere you need lighting.  The battery-powered fixtures will last throughout your entire event and are rechargeable.  You will be as impressed with the look of your outdoor spaces as your guests are.  Don’t let outdoor lighting change your plans for an event.  If you have a unique lighting situation, give us a call at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City. We can show you how lighting in the most unusual places and transform you spaces.

John Bruce of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

John Bruce, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City