Ten Signs That It’s Time to Shed Some Light on Your Yard

Posted on October 19, 2016 by John Bruce

outdoor-lighting-perspectives-10-signs-your-home-exterior-needs-lights How do you know when it’s time to invest in home illumination? There’s a whole host of signs that it is time to invest in quality outdoor lighting. Here are ten of the best reasons that homeowners in Johnson County, Kansas choose outdoor lighting:

1. Is That You Sparky?

Got dogs? If you do then you know that sometimes that bedtime bathroom break can last a little longer than you want. If you’re having a hard time spotting your dog to get him to come in late at night then maybe it’s time to throw some lights into the backyard.

2. Speaking of Backyard Critters…

Winter is coming and that means the critters that have been running around in your backyard are going to start living there. Do what you can to dissuade pests from holing up in your backyard by installing some motion sensor lights today.

3. Late Night Chores

Like to take the trash out before bed? Maybe you’re just trying to pick up toys, bikes, and wagons now that, outdoor-lighting-perspectives-10-signs-your-deck-needs-lightingfinally, the kids are tired. Well, shed some light on the subject and avoid injury by getting some decent lighting out there.

4. ‘Tis the Season

Holiday season is upon us, from Halloween to New Year’s you can expect some late night guests. Make sure they can see your house – and the stairs – when they arrive.

5. Speaking of the Stairs…

With shorter days come longer nights. Chances are there’s going to be many a day when you shuffle home from work after the sun has already gone down. Make sure there’s a light waiting for you when you get there. You’ve already worked hard enough, getting up your stairs shouldn’t be a hassle too.

6. Make Those Nights Last

Yes, it’s getting dark and cold, but you don’t need to quit using that outdoor living area just yet. Install some exterior lights, get a fire going, and enjoy the outdoors while you can!

outdoor-lighting-perspectives-kansas-city-ten-signs-your-home-needs-light7. Just a Quick Ride

Those quick, simple little errands you used to run in the summer were so much easier when it was still light out. Avoid backing into the curb, or worse yet, the porch, by illuminating some of those hard-to-see areas around the outside of your house.

8. It’s Not Just for Looks

It’s terrible to think about, but with more darkness comes more danger. Get some motion sensor lights installed which could be the difference between someone taking a longer look at your home and them just passing by. See all of your guests, invited and uninvited, with motion sensor lighting.

9. Early Riser

Lights aren’t only helpful during the night! If you’re fond of early morning runs, or a nice crisp morning walk with the dog, then get some lights installed to help illuminate your path and wake you up in the morning on your way out the door.

10. Do It for the Kids

When the snow starts to fall and the kids want to play, you’ll be less reluctant to let them out if you know they’ll be running around in a beautifully lit yard.

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